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We started this business to share the benefits of salt therapy and help people relax and recharge. In this fast paced, always on the go society we wanted to create a space to unwind and enjoy the many healing properties of salt therapy. Being a person who struggles with daily allergies and chronic sinus infections Candice was desperately searching for relief, and in a more natural way. We came across the benefits of salt and not any salt, but Pink Himalayan salt. The benefits we found with this pink rock crystal needed to be shared and with that Salty was born.


Salt Cave $35

Relax and recharge in Cleveland’s first professionally built Salt Cave featuring a "Graduation Tower" a water feature that naturally creates a unique, healing micro climate in the cave. Lounge in orbital chairs nestled under cozy, weighted blankets while ambient music helps you drift off into your own meditation. Feel the healing powers of the cave bringing purification and balance to your skin and respiratory system as you gaze into the peaceful starry sky breathing in the salt air.


Ionic Foot Detox $35

Escape into our beautiful foot detox oasis featuring a Chromotherapy electric fireplace for the ultimate relaxation. Lounge in our comfortable chairs while soaking your tired feet in warm water charged with ions that draw out unwanted toxins. Feel refreshed, lighter, enlivened or significantly calmer after an ionic detox foot-bath


Infrared Sauna $35

Ancient tradition meets modern wellness in our advanced therapeutic infrared sauna. The hot, dry environment heats the core of your body to expel toxic metals, chemicals, and chronic infection at the deepest cellular level. This sauna experience will leave you ready to tackle that to do list


Salt Booth (Halo Therapy) $25

Short on time? Fighting a cold or chronic illness? Try an express Halotherapy treatment session in our private salt booth with all the power of the salt cave in one third of the time! Our halo-generator provides adjustable levels for concentration of salt particles offering a more individualized and targeted session. The booth also features light therapy, allowing the mind and body to relax even deeper while receiving the respiratory benefits of Halotherapy

Reiki Treatment

Reiki / Chakra Serives

Christina offers Reiki, Chakra Cleansing, & Essentail Oil detox.

(You can NOT use Salty gift cards for her services)


Meghan's Services

Massage, Facials, Waxing & more!

(You can NOT use Salty gift cards for her services)


Salty Gift Card

Give the gift of relaxation.

Buy in store or online.

(May be used for Salt Cave, Salt Booth, Infrared Sauna, Foot Detox, & Retail)

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Had a spa day with 4 of my family members. Got the foot detox & did the salt cave. Was great to get results from foot detox, very relaxing & then took a nap in the salt cave. Had a plush blankie over me which made it super cozy. Girl taking care of us was super friendly & helpful. Would highly recommend & go back.


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Exceeded my expectations! I did the 1hr Infrared Sauna to keep my immune system in check with the season’s viruses as well as flush out toxins such as heavy metals from my body. So glad to see this business local to me where I can visit frequently for immune health. Thank you for a wonderful experience



Took part of my family on the 23rd of December for a salt cave experience. First time for all. So relaxing = 45 minutes of music and relaxation, very hard for us "on the go" people, but well worth it. Everyone needs to try the cave and have some down time to relax under a weighted blanket and detox. Can't wait to us my gift card given to me after our visit. Want to try out the infrared sauna


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